Communication and Electric

In Israel the electric currents are different than those in North America and some European countries.  Below are some basic guidelines which will hopefully allow you to best prepare your clients for their upcoming trip:

Electrical Appliances:
- Power supply is single phase 220 volts at 50 Hertz.
- Power sockets have three pin holes
- Many of them will work with double-pin European plugs.
- Shavers, traveling irons etc. may need both transformers and adapter plugs.

Israel enjoys relatively good cell phone coverage all over the country.  If you have not purchased a phone plan prior to arriving Sim cards can be purchased in most shopping malls and there are many hotspots for internet usage free of charge.  Today more and more hotels are offering WIFI and we recommend that you check with your operator regarding the hotels at which your guests are staying.

Online Booking

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