Excursions from Eilat

The southernmost city in Israel Eilat is home to the Eilat Port.  Located about 356 kilometers (222 miles) south of Tel Aviv on the Red Sea it offers a great entry point into the Negev region, Massada and Jordan (Petra).

Petra Excursion
Pick-up from the hotel/ ship. Cross the Arava Border and drive to Petra (approximately 2+ hours), through the scenic Jordanian Desert, past the Wadi Rum area, where Lawrence of Arabia once lived and fought together with the Bedouin. Arrive at Petra and enter the Rose City of Petra through the siq - a narrow passage through the mountains, which has inspired awe for centuries. At the end of this gorge, we are suddenly confronted with the first view of the Treasury.  Take in the awesome size, color and beauty before continuing into the heart of this ancient city carved into the mountains. Pass by hundreds of tombs and monuments and a spectacular amphitheater, which once held 3,000 spectators. After our visit to Petra, we stop for a sit-down lunch followed by a visit to Moses Spring before leaving Wadi Moussa (the new town of Petra). We drive to Aqaba for a short city tour and return to the Arava Border and back to the hotel/ ship.

Massada and Dead Sea Excursion
We set out from Eilat (Or from the Port of Eilat for those arriving by cruise ship to Eilat), and drive along the Arava Valley towards the Dead Sea. We drive through the wild area of Sodom (yes, THAT Sodom!!!) and after a short stop by the Salt Pillar that is said to be Lot’s Wife, we arrive at the bottom of the cliff of Masada. Here, on top of this steep cliff, overlooking the Dead Sea, King Herod the Great built a magnificent fortress in the middle of the desert. This fortress became the last refuge for some Jewish rebels, who fought here a heroic war against the Romans – a war that made Massada to a national symbol for the modern State of Israel & as well a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site . We climb the mountain with cable-car, visit its archaeological remains, and hear about its past. Then we return to the bus, and head for one of the beaches of the Dead Sea, where we have the opportunity to float (not swim!) in its unique waters, that contain an unusual amount of healthy minerals. We return to Eilat via the Arava Road. End of our tour. 

Jerusalem and Bethlehem Excursion
We set out from Eilat (or from Eilat’s port for those arriving ona cruise ship), and drive along the Arava Valley towards the Dead Sea, where we stop for a short break. There is also a possibility to take a short dip in its unique and healthy water. Then we ascend to The Holy City, Jerusalem. We start with a panoramic view from The Mount of Olives – a good place for an introduction to the city and its history. Then we visit the holy sites of the three monotheistic religions, represented in Jerusalem: We start with the Wailing Wall, which represents the last remnants of the Jewish Temple, destroyed by the Romans. Usually you can see the various types of Jews who come to worship at this holy place. If open to visitors, we ascend to the Temple Mount, where we can look at the famous Dome of the Rock. Then we continue through the Arab Market ("Suq") to the "Via Dolorosa", Jesus’ "Way of Suffering", which leads us to The Church of the Holy Sepulcure, where according to the Christian tradition Jesus was crucified and buried. After lunch, we Drive to Bethlehem, the Birth town of Jesus Christ. Here we visit the Church of the Nativity, including the Grotto of the Mangery. This church is the oldest church in the world, which was never destroyed till this very day.

Half Day Jeep Tour
Right in the beginning, when we enter the canyon of "Salomon’s Wadi" (Nachal Shelomo) we encounter the ever-changing landscape of colors and shapes, typical for the Eilat Mountains. On a bumpy road we drive our Jeep across the "Rehav’am Saddle" that gives our Jeep drivers the real challenge they need on such a tour… Then we drive up the ancient "Eilat Ascent" that was used as a road connecting continents. Many caravans, fully loaded, went on this old road, from the Children of Israel through the queen of Sheba, the Pilgrims to Mecca and till modern times… We drive down a steep road to the cliff overlooking Ein Netafim, the "Dripping Spring" and the only natural water-source in the area. The jeeps bring us up a steep road to the summit of Mt. Yoash, from which 4 countries can be seen! Now it is time to gather our impressions and head down to the Red Sea.

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